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USB Rechargeable Wind-Resistant Electric Lighter with Lid

USB Rechargeable Wind-Resistant Electric Lighter with Lid

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  • MODERN TECHNOLOGIES: The USB lighter works by creating an electrical impulse which lights cigarettes.
  • SAFETY: The lighter has a security lid that protects it from accidental lighting.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Now, you do not need to use the gas to refill your lighter. It is USB rechargeable, which means it can be recharged anywhere anytime from a power bank, computer, or in a car.
  • WIND-RESISTANT: The wind will not prevent you from lighting your cigarette or a candle as the electrical impulse can 't be blown away with the gust of wind.
  • HOW TO USE: Shake the lighter to start using it.

No open flame, no gas, just electrical impulse. The modern technologies have influenced even such a simple thing as a lighter. Forget about flammable lighters and start using the USB rechargeable odorless lighters. Absolutely safe, this lighter will not be activated until you open the lid. Compact and portable with stylish and eye-catching design, this lighter is a must-have for every smoker or a wedding planner to light the candles.

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