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USB Rechargeable Wind-Resistant BBQ Long Neck Electric Arc Lighter

USB Rechargeable Wind-Resistant BBQ Long Neck Electric Arc Lighter

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  • CONVENIENT: The arc lighter has a long 4.7 � flexible neck, which helps you to reach the candle in the jar or safely light the fireplace.
  • SAFE DESIGN: To prevent accidental lighting, the lighter has a safety switch and a button. To turn it on, slide the safety switch, the indicator turns blue, then press the button. For safety reasons, the lighter goes out automatically after 7 seconds of the continued press.  
  • RECHARGEABLE: Now, you do not need to use the gas to refill your lighter. It is USB rechargeable, which means it can be recharged anywhere anytime from a power bank, computer, or in a car.
  • WIND-RESISTANT: The wind will not prevent you from lighting as the electrical impulse can 't be blown away with the gust of wind.

Experience no open flame or smell with this long and flexible lighter. It works by creating an electrical impulse that can light candles, fireplaces, BBQs, or other things that are not safe to light bringing the hand very close to them. Due to modern technologies, you will never have to deal with flammable liquids or gas again to refill the lighter. The lighter has a built-in 200 mAh battery: recharge it with the USB cable included in the set. Safety switch and button prevent the lighter from accidental lighting. The lighter comes in a black box and can become a valuable gift.

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