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NISUS® 2-Stage Drill Adapter with Ergonomic Rubberized Safety Handle

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Turn your favorite DeWalt, Milwaukee or another cordless drill into an electric power ice auger using this adapter with a hand auger from Eskimo, Mora, Nils, Tonar and many other popular brands. This electric drill ice auger converter is engineered by professional ice anglers to allow you to drill more holes faster in search of the bite zone. Fits drill chucks 3/8" or larger.  Made and tested in Siberia.

UNIVERSAL: Easily convert most hand ice augers to a power auger using your favorite DeWalt, Milwaukee or another cordless drill

DURABLE: Polymer coated high-quality carbon steel construction

SAFETY HANDLE:  Ergonomic rubberized handle provides better control while drilling and prevents auger from falling through the ice hole

BRASS BEARINGS:  Built-in bearings for smooth drilling and longer life