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Small Barbecue Gift Set for 3 Persons with Hand-Crafted Knife

Small Barbecue Gift Set for 3 Persons with Hand-Crafted Knife

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  • MAKES YOUR OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE SOPHISTICATED: This elegant leather case packs such necessary items needed to spend nice time outdoors: 3 plates, forks and spoons, 3 shot glasses, a lighter, a corkscrew, and a knife.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: High-quality stainless steel and genuine leather make this gift set really precious. The knife is hand-crafted in a town of Vorsma, by Semin forge workshop, which is famous for its knives, similar to works of art, all around Europe since 1995.

Functionality and quality materials together with decent minimalist design make this set a unique gift for a person who appreciates quality in everything. From small things like skewers and cutlery, to the inner view of the case, the way how all the items are craftfully packed - all these are designed to amaze with style and artfulness. 

The hand-crafted knife, which is truly a masterpiece of a famous knifesmith, and thus is the most precious part of this set, may surprise even a sophisticated outdoor enthusiast, and a person who "has everything" and is not easy to surprise!

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