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TRAVEL EXTREME 220/90/300 Lightweight Synthetic Insulated Three-Season Camping Sleeping Bag

TRAVEL EXTREME 220/90/300 Lightweight Synthetic Insulated Three-Season Camping Sleeping Bag

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  • COMFORTABLE:  NISUS sleeping bag  has a mummy-style hood with a tightening band,  consists of breathable Taffeta 190T and 210 Oxford outer layer and  soft cotton lining,  which makes the sleeping bag soft, warm, and cozy.
  • WARM: Insulated with Stratex 300, the sleeping bag will warm you at an average of 41 ,  keeping heat loss minimal.  Intended for seasons with temperatures above 5 .    
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The sleeping bag weighs only 4.4 lb, making it a very light accessory for hiking, backpacking, and camping. The included stuff sack makes it easy to pack and carry the sleeping bag.  The straps allow making the bag very compact and portable.
  • DIMENSIONS: 86 � x  35 �, suits a tall person ideally.  
  • MADE IN RUSSIA: NISUS EXTREME sleeping bag is made in Russia in strong and cold Siberia, where it was tested by harsh weather and nature.    

A sleeping bag is one of the most important accessories for camping and backpacking, and your rest, mood, and walking distance depend on how good and comfortable your sleeping bag is. This lightweight, compact sleeping bag from NISUS is a great choice to satisfy your needs in a deep and comfortable sleep. Specially designed for warm and cold weather, this three-season sleeping bag has 41 -23 comfort temperature and 5 lowest temperature. A 100% cotton inner layer gives you a more comfortable sleeping experience. Two layers of Stratex will keep you warm during cold late summer nights, keeping the warm temperature in, and cold temperature - out. The outer layer has a 1000 PU coating, which makes the sleeping bag moisture resistant. The sleeping bag has an anatomically shaped and adjustable hood. The size of the sleeping bag is perfect for a tall person who will feel comfortable in this sleeping bag. The sack  with straps makes it easy to carry and very compact so you can put the sleeping bag in your backpack, and it will not take much space. Take this sleeping bag with you when going camping, hiking or backpacking, put it in your car or backpack,  and be sure  that your journey will be exciting because you will not miss out on a good sleep!  

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