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Choosing a gift can be a difficult task, so why don't make the one you love happy by presenting them with the eGift card?

  • The gift card is only applied to the online store.
  • Once bought, you will  receive an email with a unique gift card code that can be used at checkout.
  • If  you want to  present someone else with  a gift card, then, after receiving, you need to forward the gift card e-mail to the recipient.
  • A gift card can be used more than once if it has  a sufficient balance.  
  • To get information on the balance remaining on the gift card,  email us at
  • If the gift card balance is greater than or equal to the order total, you can click  Complete order.
  • If the gift card balance is less than the order total, then  you will need  to choose a second payment method before placing the order.
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