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LED Waterproof Mini 4 pack Collapsible Camping Lanterns

LED Waterproof Mini 4 pack Collapsible Camping Lanterns

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  • SUPER BRIGHT: The lanterns have one bright lighting mode: the 360-degree lantern allows lighting the area around.
  • DURABLE: These lanterns are made of durable and reliable ABS plastic, which is very difficult to break.
  • DESIGN: Collapsible design of the lanterns allows adjusting the brightness: pull it up to turn the lantern on and push it to make it less bright. To turn it off, close it.
  • WATER-RESISTANT: IPX4 protection against rain or snow.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The lantern can be used outdoor and indoor. It is an excellent accessory for camping, fishing, car repair, reading, and so on.

This pack of two lanterns is a useful device for different life situations. Don 't be afraid that you will be left without the source of light somewhere in the mountains: the 30 LED lantern is powered by three AA batteries, so all you need is to have the reserve batteries to replace them. The collapsible design provides the button-free turn on and off, so when it 's dark, you just need to pull it up and don 't look for a button. The lanterns can be placed on a flat surface or hung by the handles. It is a versatile and convenient accessory which can be useful for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, night reading, or in case of a power cut.

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