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Set of 4 360-Degree Collapsible Camping Lanterns with Power Bank

Set of 4 360-Degree Collapsible Camping Lanterns with Power Bank

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  • TWO-IN-ONE ACCESSORY: These universal lanterns can be used as a lantern and power bank  with two types of charging: via USB and wireless charge.
  • SUPER BRIGHT: The lanterns have one lighting mode which is very bright: the 360-degree lantern allows lighting the area around.
  • DURABLE: These lanterns are made of durable and reliable ABS plastic which is very difficult to break.
  • DESIGN: Collapsible design of the lanterns allows adjusting the brightness: pull it up to turn the lantern on and push it to make it less bright. To turn it off, close it.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The lanterns can be used outdoor and indoor. It is a great accessory for camping, fishing, car repair, reading, and so on.

The  set of  four lanterns with a power bank is a multifunctional and useful device for different life situations. Don 't be afraid that you will be left without the source of light somewhere in the mountains: the lantern is powered by three AA batteries so all you need is to have the reserve batteries to replace them. In emergencies, charge your devices via USB port or wireless charging, if your device supports this technology. The collapsible design provides the button-free turn on and off, so when it 's dark, you just need to pull it up and don 't look for a button. The lantern can be placed on a flat surface or hung by the handles. It is a versatile and convenient accessory which can be useful for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, night reading, or in case of a power cut.  

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