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2.5-inch Lightweight Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad, Orange

2.5-inch Lightweight Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad, Orange

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  • COMFORTABLE & PREMIUM QUALITY While camping or hiking having a good sleep is essential. But how can you restore your energy sleeping on the ground, which may be cold on summer nights and cause your body to ache? You won 't feel the grounds and rocks with our self-inflating camping pad, as it 's 2.5 � thick. Polyurethane foam inside the mat keeps the form of your body sleeping, letting you relax. The lightweight sleeping mat has a polyester cover, it feels nice to touch and keeps the warmth.
  • VERSATILE You can put this NISUS compact sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag, tent or car. Going with your family on a trip, or camping with friends, at festivals or sporting events anywhere you go and stay overnight, you won 't have to worry about finding a place to have a good rest. Connect the mats to make a snug spot for your partner, family, or friends.
  • QUICK SET UP -   No need to carry a pump and waste your energy on inflating the mattress: two self-inflating valves provide faster inflating and deflating.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - The NISUS backpacking sleep pad weighs only 5 lb, so it 's easy to carry it around and put it in place. Roll the mat down, fix it with two elastic bands included - and you 're ready to go on your journey! The pad is compact (25.6 � long and 7.8 � in diameter), and you can place it inside or outside your backpack or in your car it won 't take a lot of space.
  • ACCESSORIES The package includes a sack with ties for comfortable carrying and storage and a repair kit.

If you have ever experienced sleeping inside the tent or the sleeping bag without a mat or on a thin, poor quality one, you know what it feels like like you 're sleeping on the bare ground when even the smallest rock is felt and makes you ache with discomfort. The back and neck pain which comes as the aftermath is not what you want to feel in the morning, getting ready to take on your trip and activities.

Forget all these as a nightmare with the NISUS camping foam mattress!

Thick but soft, it protects your spine during sleeping, following the form of your body. Soft and durable material adds to the comfort and provides you with additional warmth. The mat dimensions are 74 � L x 25.6 � W.

Being tired after a long day outdoors, the last thing to do is to take out the pump and inflate the sleeping mat to have some rest. Our 2.5-inch self-inflatable foam camping pad is the best solution don 't waste your time and force on pumping anymore.

Roll down the sleeping foam pad and carry it easily with you wherever you go outdoors. Fixed with the elastic bands, it won 't add extra weight to your gear but will guarantee you a good rest, and thus an enjoyable outdoor experience!

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