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Prudence Wheeling Ice Chest with Retractable Handle, 31 qt, Orange

Prudence Wheeling Ice Chest with Retractable Handle, 31 qt, Orange

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The ice chest is an irreplaceable camping accessory for any outdoor activities: camping, traveling, picnics, beach, BBQ, and so on.
  • CONVENIENT: On top of the lid, there are holders for glasses and bottles to avoid spilling.
  • RELIABLE: Excellent insulation provided by polyurethane foam ensures long-term storage of your favorite food and beverages. For better cooling, use ice bricks.
  • SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: This hard-sided ice chest  is made of safe BPA-free food-grade plastic, therefore safe for food and drinks.
  • DESIGN: This ice chest has an eye-catching pleasant design; it feels nice to touch. The vibrant orange color fits summer activities perfectly.

Going camping, fishing, or traveling on a hot summer day is a great idea, but do not forget to take care of your snacks and beverages: the heat  is bad for them. This camping ice chest is designed to store your food, fruits, vegetables, and bottles. The ice chest has wheels and a telescopic handle so you can easily wheel it if it is heavy. On the sides, there are handles; thus, you can carry it. This ice chest is perfect for a family of companies who love spending time and having fun together in summer. The ice chest is roomy and provides efficient use of interior space. It is great and useful and can also be a useful present for an outdoor lover.  

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