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Portable Mosquito Killer Lantern, USB Rechargeable Tent Lighting

Portable Mosquito Killer Lantern, USB Rechargeable Tent Lighting

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  • TWO-IN-ONE CAMPING ACCESSORY: A camping lantern plus a mosquito killer is a practical and useful accessory suitable for any outdoor activity.  
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: It is foldable, 3.7 � in diameter, and weighs only 5.18 oz. Great for large or small backpacks or bags, does not take much space, but will save you from these annoying creatures.
  • SILENT: This mosquito killer lantern will not disturb your sleep so that you can use it at night ” no noise or buzzing insects.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The use of the mosquito killer lantern is harmless for you and nature, as it is non-toxic and allows getting rid of insects without sprays. The lantern has a built-in battery and charges via USB.
  • DIFFERENT MODES: Use it as a lantern and a mosquito killer together or separately. The lantern has three levels of intensity: 100 lm, 50 lm, and 24 lm.

No matter what you do, buzzing insects spoil any outdoor activity. Camping, fishing, or BBQ do not bring joy if a swarm of mosquitoes attacks you. Get rid of these annoying creatures, and enjoy your rest with the mosquito killer lantern. It is an irreplaceable accessory for any outdoor activity: camping, fishing, hiking, picnics. The UV light attracts the mosquitoes, and the electric discharge kills them. This lantern is absolutely safe both for people and the environment. It is a useful accessory not only outdoor but also indoor. The lantern is especially great for the bedroom or kitchen, where the sprays can 't be used. It can be put on a flat surface or hung by the hook. Say goodbye to the insects with this mosquito killer lantern!

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