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Portable Micro USB Radio Lantern, Green/Orange

Portable Micro USB Radio Lantern, Green/Orange

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  • THREE-IN-ONE OUTDOOR ACCESSORY: This outdoor lantern combines a torch, radio, and an alarm.  
  • TWO CHARGING METHODS: This lantern has two different charging ways. You can use the hand crank to generate power or charge it via USB.  
  • CHARGE YOUR DEVICES: In case of an emergency, this lantern can charge your smartphone.
  • PORTABLE: The size of the lantern (6.18x1.96x1.33 in) makes it perfect for different outdoor activities. It will not occupy much space in your backpack, bag, or pocket. It is lightweight and only weighs 5.71 oz.
  • VERSATILE: This outdoor lantern can be used indoor, outdoor, and in emergencies.

The FM Radio lantern will help you to get ready for any emergencies. When there is no electricity, this emergency radio torch can save your life. With it, you will never run out of the electricity: generate the power with hand crank and charge your smartphone to get in touch with those who worry about you. Listen to the radio and get the latest news and weather forecast. The torch will light the way in case of a blackout. However, do not leave it at home when going hiking, camping, or fishing. Its small size and weight make this torch a convenient accessory for outdoor activities.

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