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Portable Camping Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Camping Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker

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  • THREE-IN-ONE ACCESSORY: The camping lantern with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is a convenient and practical accessory: it includes a 360-degree lantern, flashlight, and Bluetooth speaker.
  • LIGHTING MODES: The lantern and flashlight have three lighting modes: high, low, and SOS.  
  • RECHARGEABLE: The lantern has a built-in USB rechargeable 1800 mAh battery.
  • CONVENIENT: The lantern features a compact and lightweight design. It is a perfect accessory for camping, hiking, backpacking, travel, or emergencies. A convenient accessory to keep in your car.
  • DIFFERENT USE: The design of the lantern allows hanging it by the hook to the branch, backpack, tent, or placing it on the flat surface for 360-degree lighting.  

Make your outdoor adventures better with this lantern and flashlight with Bluetooth speaker. Let your favorite playlist follow you wherever you go and light up the way. This a useful and practical accessory for different life situations, such as camping, backpacking, car trips. Due to the rechargeable battery, you can recharge it via USB in the car or using the power bank. The telescopic design makes it compact but multifunctional at the same time: you can use it as a flashlight when you need to go somewhere in the dark and as a lantern when sitting and chatting with your friends. This is a good accessory not only outdoor but also indoor: use it as a reading light or in case of a power cut at night. Compact and lightweight, it won 't occupy much space in a bag, backpack, or car but will definitely become useful in the dark.  

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