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Polaris Set of 2 Plastic Lunch Boxes | 8.5 oz | Insulated Bag | Food Storage Containers, Orange

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  • COMPLETE SET: This  0.7 lb set features two plastic lunch containers. With these containers, you will have enough storage for multiple meals.
  • CONVENIENT: The  8.5 oz insulated lunch containers are exactly what you need to enjoy your lunch on the go. The set features a bag with a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry your lunch around.
  • THERMAL: Due to the thick polyurethane insulation, your food will stay warm for up to 4 hours.  
  • EASY TO CARRY: Made of polypropylene, the outside of the lunch box will always feel cool to the touch, even when there is warm food inside.
  • EASILY SECURED LID:  The secure lid made of plastic effortlessly clips on to the plastic base.

    These stylish and modern containers will keep your favorite foods fresh and tasty! This set of two thermal lunch boxes is what you need to enjoy your meal on the go. Let it be an office lunch, or an out of town trip, hiking in the mountains, or a day out at the beach - with the insulated bag the lunch box set can be taken anywhere you go. They can safely store hot and cold foods as well as soup or beverages because they are insulated and leak-proof. It is the best way to enjoy your favorite meal on the go, without causing a mess in your bag or backpack. The containers are microwave safe.