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Platino Portable Beverage Cooler Jug for Outdoors and School, 1 qt

Platino Portable Beverage Cooler Jug for Outdoors and School, 1 qt

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The beverage cooler is a great solution to have your beverage cold when going camping, traveling, on picnics, to the beach, or at work.  It  provides convenient access to chilled beverages wherever you go.
  • CONVENIENT: The beverage cooler has a top spout  and a strap for comfortable carrying. The threaded  lid keeps the beverage from spilling.
  • RELIABLE: Excellent insulation provided by polyurethane foam ensures long-term storage of your favorite cold beverage.
  • SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: The insulated cooler is made of safe BPA-free food-grade plastic.
  • DESIGN: This beverage cooler has an eye-catching pleasant design; it feels nice to touch. The wide range of colors allows choosing the one which fits your style best!

Take your favorite cold drink with you and stay hydrated with this 1-qt beverage cooler when you go camping, fishing, or traveling on a hot summer day. The hard cooler is perfect for cold juice, water, or soda. This beverage bottle perfectly fits an adult: the volume allows taking a sufficient amount of the drink for the whole day. Drink your beverage in a car or on the go using a special drinking tube, and do not be afraid of spilling the drink on yourself. Take it along to the beach, work, or on a road trip, and do not spend money on cold beverages.

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