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Plastic Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor, Umbrella Stand Holder

Plastic Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor, Umbrella Stand Holder

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  • WIND-RESISTANT: Forget about umbrellas that are blown away with the gust of wind! Use this sand anchor as a base for your umbrella to provide better stability.
  • DIAMETER: This plastic sand anchor fits the umbrella with 0.86" pole in diameter.
  • MATERIAL: This sand anchor is made of durable, reliable, and sturdy ABS plastic. It does't get rusty, crack, or get too hot on sunny days.
  • FAST INSTALLATION: Easily screw in the sand anchor, install your umbrella, and enjoy your rest. The convenient perpendicular handles provide easy insertion and unscrewing.
  • PORTABLE: The sand anchor is lightweight and  can fit a  beach bag when you are off to the beach or anywhere else where you may need an umbrella.  

Have you ever experienced the situation when you were on the beach, enjoying the ocean, waves, and the sun, and the wind didn 't seem strong, but suddenly your umbrella was blown away? And all you had to do was to run after it. And you did it again and again reluctantly. Avoid these situations with the beach umbrella sand anchor from NISUS! It is a great and useful accessory for all the beachgoers. The umbrella is a necessary thing, but the umbrellas with the pointed end aren 't stable. The NISUS sand anchors are made of strong ABS plastic, which is difficult to break. Keep you and others around you safe using the sand anchor.

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