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Outdoor Cooking Set for Camping, Compact Cookware

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  • MODERN SAFE MATERIALS: The outdoor cooking set is made of anodized aluminum safe for health. This coating protects from mechanical damages caused by knives, forks, and other sharp objects; thus, the pots and frying pans will not get rusty.
  • 10-IN-1 SET: This cooking set includes two pots, two frying pans, three plastic bowls, folding plastic ladle, wooden spatula, and dishwashing sponge. It is perfect for three persons.
  • EASY TO TAKE ALONG: Specially made for outdoor activities, this set is portable and lightweight. It weighs only 22.9 oz and has folding handles to save space.
  • NO BURING: The handles of the frying pans and pots are heat-resisting, safe to the touch.
  • VERSATILE: This outdoor cooking set is perfect for various outdoor activities. Take it along when going fishing, hiking, or camping.
When you set off on outdoor adventures, such as camping, hiking, or fishing, the cookware is very important, as in the mountains or on the riverbank, you won 't have a stove and your favorite dishes. But you won 't be hungry with the portable camping cooking set. Consisting of 10 items, this Campsor 301 cooking set can satisfy three persons cooking needs. Due to the anodized aluminum coating, the items are easy to wash. The set won 't occupy much space in your picnic bag or backpack; the smaller items can nest in the big pot. The set comes in a nylon mesh bag. Cook healthy and nutritious food even outdoors with this compact 10-in-1 cooking set.