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Multifunctional 35-inch Folding Survival Shovel for Camping

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This foldable shovel is a multifunctional tool designed for outdoor adventure lovers. It combines a shovel, saw, knife, tinderbox, screwdriver, fish scaler, cover, and carrying bag. The shovel is reliable and contains a variety of tools that help to survive in any situation.
  • PORTABLE: When folded, the survival shovel is compact and is stored in a bag which is in the set.  
  • DURABLE: The shovel is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong and wear-resistant. On the handle, there is a rubber, which makes it comfortable to hold in hand.
  • VERSATILE: The folding shovel can be used in different situations: it is perfect for camping, off-roading, hiking, fishing, hunting, or even gardening.

A folding multifunctional shovel is an irreplaceable accessory during any outdoor activity. It combines all the necessary tools: a shovel, saw, knife, a tinderbox, and so on. It will always help you whatever you do: camping, gardening, or fishing, and it will not occupy much space in a car. The folding shovel is more convenient and comfortable than the usual shovel as the folding shovel is lightweight, compact, and durable. It is a practical and durable tool that makes adventures safer.