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Heavy Duty Steel Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

Heavy Duty Steel Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

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  • RELIABILITY: Forget about umbrellas that are blown away with the gust of wind! The metal spike is made of  thick gauge, can be driven in the sand or even hard soil.
  • UNIVERSAL: This sand anchor is universal, fits any beach umbrella with the pole diameter from 0.98 � to 1.25 �.
  • MATERIAL: This sand anchor is made of heavy-duty  steel with a protective black coating to prevent rusting. The metal  loop handle makes it easy to pull the anchor out.  
  • FAST INSTALLATION: Just drive the sand anchor into the ground, install your umbrella, and tighten the screw.
  • PORTABLE: The sand anchor is lightweight and  can fit a beach  bag when you are off to the beach or anywhere else where you may need an umbrella.  

The strong wind can easily blow away the beach umbrella. To prevent such dangerous situations, use this NISUS beach umbrella sand anchor. Made of steel and covered with a protective black coating with welded handle, this anchor  can be driven into  sand, grass, soil, and even clay. Use it during fishing on the riverbank, on the beach, or in the backyard. The NISUS umbrella steel sand anchor is very durable and provides a secure hold. Concentrate on your kids, family, and friends, and do not worry about your umbrella flying away. With this sand anchor, your umbrella will be very well secured.

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