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TRAVEL 180/70/200 Lightweight Synthetic Cotton Lined Camping Sleeping Bag

TRAVEL 180/70/200 Lightweight Synthetic Cotton Lined Camping Sleeping Bag

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  • COMFORTABLE: NISUS sleeping bag  has a mummy-style hood with a tightening band, consists of Taffeta 190T outer layer and soft cotton lining, which makes the sleeping bag soft, warm, cozy, and  prevents any random cold spots.    
  • WARM: Insulated with hollow fiber-200, the sleeping bag will warm you at an average of 68 , keeping heat loss minimal.  Intended for seasons with temperatures above 32 .
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The sleeping bag weighs only 2.4 lb, making it a very light accessory for hiking and camping. The included stuff sack makes it easy to pack and carry the sleeping bag.
  • DIMENSIONS: 71 x 27 , suits a medium size adult.
  • MADE IN RUSSIA: NISUS TRAVEL sleeping bag is made in Russia in strong and cold Siberia, where it was tested by harsh weather and nature.    

Your backpacking and camping trips cannot be enjoyable without a good sleeping bag:  it is very important to have a good rest and  get your energy restored after a long day of physical activity. This lightweight, compact sleeping bag from NISUS can provide you with good and comfortable sleep. Specially designed for warm and cool weather, this summer sleeping bag has 68 comfort temperature and 32  lowest temperature. A 100% cotton inner layer gives you a more comfortable sleeping experience. Two layers of hollow fiber  will keep you warm during summer nights, keeping the warm temperature in, and cold temperature - out.  Take this sleeping bag with you when going camping, hiking, or backpacking.  Be sure that your journey will be exciting because you will not miss out on a good sleep!        

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