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LED Rechargeable Water-resistant Headlamp, Red and White Light

LED Rechargeable Water-resistant Headlamp, Red and White Light

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  • SUPER BRIGHT: This headlamp from NISUS is powered by two batteries. Seven lamps produce a very bright light of 1,100 lumens, which allow lighting the way for up to 820 ft even in total darkness.
  • LIGHTING MODES: The headlamp has a lot of different modes from very bright to dim light. You can turn on different lamps by pressing the buttons or all seven lamps for a very bright mode, flashing mode is also available. Smaller lamps have a white and red light and flashing red light.
  • WATER-RESISTANT: The headlamp is IPX4 water-resistant, so no rain, snow, or splashing are dangerous for it.
  • SIZE: The headlamp needs to be lightweight and comfortable while using. This NISUS headlamp weighs 4.9 oz, so you won 't be tired while having it on your head.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The headlamp works with the USB rechargeable batteries, so you don 't need single-use batteries. You can easily recharge the headlamp somewhere in the mountains with a power bank.

There 's a special charm in the evenings spent outdoors. Dark and sky full of stars create a cozy atmosphere. But anyway it 's impossible to do things in the dark. Cooking, setting up a tent, or making fire is better to do with the headlamp. You 've got a bright light with different modes, and your hands are free, so nothing will prevent you from making a fire for frying the marshmallows. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, this headlamp is very durable and difficult to break. The headband is adjustable. NISUS headlamp is an irreplaceable accessory for different activities, such as camping, hiking, caving, fishing, running, or even car repair Illuminate your way in the darkness with NISUS headlamps.

Please note that no batteries are included in the package.

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