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Premium Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Bag

Premium Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Bag

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  • DURABLE: The chair is made of durable, waterproof, and breathable polyester; it is keeping its form and so easy to clean.  
  • INSULATED COOLER BAG: Store your refreshing beverages and food in the insulated cooler bag under the seat and enjoy the sunny weather.
  • EASY-TO-CARRY: The backpack chair weighs only 11 lb, which, along with adjustable backpack straps, makes it easy to carry with!  
  • STURDY: The sturdy but lightweight aluminum construction loads up to 220 lb.
  • COMFORTABLE: Relax and have a good rest with a small headrest pillow and different reclining positions.

With this chair, you 'll always have a cool drink and a place to sit and relax at the beach, in nature, in your backyard, or anywhere you 'd like to go outdoors. The chair is soft, cozy, compact, and functional at the same time. The adjustable backpack shoulder straps provide free movement, so you can travel with it easily. A low seat and a small head resting pillow keep you comfortably low to the ground whether you decide to tan or have a short sleep enjoying nature. Party at your backyard, beach party, family camping, concert, campfire are ready. The low chair is perfect for any concerts, festivals, or sporting events!

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