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Three Piece Ice Chisel (Spud Bar)

Three Piece Ice Chisel (Spud Bar)

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This tough ice chisel is the perfect ice spud bar for reopening holes in your ice shelter, punching through early ice or chipping away ice on your driveway. Its adjustable design makes this chisel a perfect ice safety tool when looking for thin ice. Forged carbon steel, ergonomically designed genuine wood grips and engineered step-form blades, make this ice chisel an extremely tough and efficient addition to your ice fishing tool arsenal. Includes wrist strap, carry bag and blade cover. Fully assembles to 54” in length and weighs only 6 lbs. Made and tested in Siberia

PORTABLE: 3-piece design disassembles into a small carry bag that is just 20” long

SHARP BLADES: Precision-engineered step-form construction blade efficiently chips ice with minimal effort while reducing recoil

TOUGH: Forged powder-coated carbon steel is corrosion-resistant and designed to last many years

ADJUSTABLE: Length can easily be adjusted by removing the center section

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