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8.8 Lbs Danforth Anchor for Fishing, Canoe and Kayaking

8.8 Lbs Danforth Anchor for Fishing, Canoe and Kayaking

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  • FLEXIBLE: Our anchor performs best in sand, mud, gravel, rock, weeds, and more.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for inflatable boats, canoes, dinghies, motorboats, and more.
  • RELIABLE: Two big flukes provide excellent holding power.
  • DURABLE: The anchor has a polymer anti-corrosion coating; it will serve you for a very long time.
  • MADE IN RUSSIA: Our anchor was proudly made in Russia in vast, stern, and strong Siberia.  

NISUS 8.8 lb Portable Boat Anchor is designed to hold you firmly in the best fishing spot. The flukes on the Danforth anchor have a large square. Due to this, the holding power is stronger than that of the Admiralty type anchors of similar weight. The anchor consists of a shank and turning flukes fixed on the axle perpendicular to the shank. The flukes can deviate from the shank axle by 45 degrees in both directions, which allows the anchor to strengthen in the soil depth. The loop for the trip line protects the anchor against the sticking or breaking down of the line. Designed by the anglers for the anglers, this fishing accessory will become your reliable friend.  

Pay attention that the package includes only an anchor; ropes are not included.

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