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Flat Jig

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At 80% heavier than a similar length Jigging Rap®, the Flat Jig performs incredibly in heavy current and deep water. Thanks to its flatter design it retains a gliding action, even in the most demanding conditions. Whether fished openwater or through the ice, the wide, flat minnow body profile has a responsive, long-gliding searching action.

  • Construction - Heavy Weight to Size Ratio
  • Swim Action - Long-Gliding Wide Searching Action
  • Fishing Technique - Cast/Vertical Variable
  • Targeted Species - Multi-Species Gamefish
  • Terminal Tackel - Single Reversed Hooks, Center Treble & Eyelet
  Body Length Weight Buoyancy Running Depth Treble Hooks
RFJ04 1-1/2" 9/16 oz. Floating Variable One No. 8
RFJ06 2-1/2" 1-3/16 oz. Floating Variable One No. 6