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Compact 12-in-1 Pliers Multi-tool for Home and Outdoor

Compact 12-in-1 Pliers Multi-tool for Home and Outdoor

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  • 12 TOOLS IN ONE: This multi-tool includes the most handy tools: pliers with wire cutter; can & bottle opener; package opener; a file; a saw; a knife; flat and crosshead screwdrivers.
  • SAVING SPACE AND TIME: Coming in a nylon sheath that can be attached to the belt for safe storage, the set of tools is portable (4" long when folded), lightweight (12 oz) and fits well for pocket carrying.
  • DURABLE FRAME AND MATERIAL: The heavy-duty stainless steel frame and tools guarantee that this multi-tool is durable and long-lasting.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USAGE: No matter where you are, at home, in the car or outdoors, you can always rely on this multi-tool, its quick and easy accessible tools are just at hand to help out.

With 12 tools, hidden in its strong stainless steel frame, and functional construction, this multi-tool is an indespensable set that saves the space in your toolbox and your time, as its tools are so quick and easy to access. 

It packs the unique set of simple but so necessary in any household tools: from the pliers and screwdrivers to the openers and a file. You can just have this multi-tool in your pocket and be sure you'll manage any situation when the tools are needed just as easy as the wire cutter cuts the line. 

Especially when you're on some hunting or fishing trip, the multi-tool is just a perfect survival tool kit, which makes it a nice gift for an outdoor enthusiast.

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