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Compact 5W Wireless charger

Compact 5W Wireless charger

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  • UNIVERSAL WIRELESS CHARGER: 5W wireless charger provides standard wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices.
  • SIZE: The charger is compact, thin, and lightweight. It easily fits any pocket or bag and will not occupy much space.
  • INDICATOR: The charger has a LED indicator. After connecting the charger to the USB port, it turns red to indicate standby mode. Put your device on the charger and the indicator turns blue meaning the phone is charging.

Taking your charging USB cable anywhere is a little bit risky: it is not difficult to lose it. Leave it at home and have a portable wireless charger in the car or at the office. This 5W wireless charger provides safe and easy charging at the office or on a car trip. Its size allows taking it easily without any difficulties. The USB cable is included in the set.

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