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Beach Umbrella Table Tray with Plastic Hooks

Beach Umbrella Table Tray with Plastic Hooks

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  • DURABLE BEACH HOOKS: The four sturdy hooks are made of high-quality plastic. Be sure that they will keep even heavy wet clothes, towels, or beach bags.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRAY: For smaller things like sunglasses, earphones, charging cords, or power banks, sun cream, snacks, or water bottles, or other beverages our table tray will match perfectly. You can be sure now that your belongings are protected from sand, dirt, blazing sun, and water. The tray material is extremely easy to wash and dry.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT HOOK: Just position the hook exactly on that height where you want it to be and fasten the thumbscrew to fix the hook.  
  • KEEP EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE: With the table tray no longer needed to have a mess of things you need on the beach on your lap or in a spacious beach bag! Now everything is close to you and in order and your hands are free!
  • PERFECT TRAY SIZE: 17 x 17 � dimensioned tray will provide you enough space for your personal valuables and beverages.  

 Forget about putting your sloppy towels after a good swim back to your beach armchair with this NISUS umbrella beach kit!  

Four durable plastic hooks will endure wet cloth and let it dry faster.    Just hang your things there and enjoy a pleasant time on the beach, avoiding having your belongings wet, dirty, sandy, or sun-blazed.  

With our perfectly-sized plastic table tray, put your things just as you want them to be - four cup holders and four small trays will let you do that in a simple and organized way.  Keep your hands free, putting your beverage in a cup holder, your sunglasses, sun cream, the smartphone with its charging cord, and everything you need just near you. Everything is now close to you, and nothing discomforts your rest. Close your eyes and enjoy the fresh wind and sun under the beach umbrella!

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