Enthusiasts lead the world. In 1988, when the world was in difficult times, in one Siberian town, an engineer Aleksandr Serdyukov wanted to design the strongest and at the same time available ice auger. It is how the story of the NISUS brand began; the story of a big plant, the story of the dream came true.Nowadays, a huge assortment of goods for fishing, tourism, and camping are manufactured under the NISUS brand.NISUS is a brand from Russia which combined the force and strength of Siberian nature. Quality, durability, and affordable price are our main principles. We wish to keep reasonable prices for people from all over the world where our products are presented. To feel outdoors like at home, make ice fishing easy and available, and afford more with NISUS products - these are our main goals. We dream that people worldwide use our equipment when they spend time outdoors, travel, go fishing, or conquer mountains.Now the NISUS team includes not only experts but also outdoor, sport, backpacking lovers. We love outdoor activities too and use our equipment in real life.

Our production consists of several big plants across Russia, sales offices worldwide, and a large staff of experienced experts from designers to professional anglers and active sportsmen and sportswomen.Under the NISUS brand, you can find all the necessary goods to be ready for backpacking, ice or summer fishing, picnic, camping, or going to the beach: 

  • fishing boxes
  • ice augers
  • backpacks
  • camp furniture
  • picnic accessories
  • sleeping bags
  • camping pads
  • beach umbrellas
  • anchors
  • dry bags
  • and many more

We are constantly developing the NISUS brand: we test our product in real weather conditions, create expert groups, take part in annual exhibitions.Our unique experience and competition with the biggest brands help us to create available and qualitative NISUS products.

NISUS makes perfect

Visit our official NISUS brand web-site: https://mynisus.com/