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Iceberg Euro Hand Ice Auger for Ice Fishing 5" Diameter

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  • EASY DRILLING: Due to the radial blades of high alloy carbon steel, you won 't get tired while drilling. The seamless body of the auger makes it easier to clean the hole out of the chips.
  • COMFORT: With this auger, you can forget about discomfort, as the ergonomically designed handle lowers the armload. The  telescopic extension  makes drilling comfortable and can be adjusted to the angler's height.
  • COATING: The powder-coated paint reduces ice build-up. Reliable polymer coating copes with temperature extremes and heavy physical stress.
  • TECHNICAL DETAILS: Clockwise rotation. Сutting diameter 5".  Maximum ice thickness 52.5". Length in working position 63-71.6". Weight 7.5 lb.
When coming to the icy surface of the water body, every angler wants to get to fishing right away. Unfortunately,  preparation for ice-fishing can be exhausting.  This ice auger was tested to shred through ice like butter. NISUS Iceberg Euro is a high-quality hand auger, drilling up to 50" deep. The new handle folding mechanism prevents backlash and makes it easier to get the auger into working condition. Due to the ergonomic design of the auger, an angler can spend less effort on drilling.  The ice auger is made in Russia with Siberian spirit and  tested by severe winters. The  ICEBERG-EURO ice auger  from NISUS will  turn your fishing into a success!