Women's clothing for journey on foo

Women's clothing for journey on foot may vary depending on the conditions and time of year. You can wear waterproof rain cover. For summer adventures in the mountains you definitely need a large and comfortable Cape from the rain. It will save you and your backpack with things from getting wet in the rain in the valley and highlands. It takes up little space and weighs very little. The low price will not greatly affect the overall budget of the trip.

Fleece clothes. That is a universal thing that can be used throughout the route — from warming on cool evenings in the valley, to putting on as an additional layer during the mountain track. We recommend choosing a model of fleece with a hood, with elastic cuffs on the sleeves and with a tightening of the hem. It is desirable that such a fleece would have a breast pocket-there you can always put some little things. The thickness of the fleece must be selected depending on the expected weather conditions: if it is a light track with very brief visits to the snow zone, it is quite enough to have thin fleece without a hood. If you are going to go a difficult hike with passes of difficulty category from 2A, then you should choose a thicker fleece and it should be hooded, sure.

Thin jacket protecting from the cold is recently appeared with several models of such jackets from different manufacturers, which combine good “breathability”, warmth, low weight and compactness when packing, most often-in your own special pocket. The insulation in such jackets is artificial; they dry quickly if they get wet. It is preferably to have the option with a hood; it will perfectly protect your neck and head from the icy wind.

Vests can be attributed to the same category of jackets protecting from the cold, which can be synthetic, and with down insulation. Compactness and extremely low weight make vests an excellent choice for entry-level hikes.

Women's clothing for journey on foot: warm jackets

A windbreaker. Windbreakers are a must-have item in the wardrobe of any fan of mountain hikes — from the beginner “novices” — to the “snow leopard”. A wide range of exploiting is: from cold valleys during the acclimatization period, where such jackets protect from rain-to use at high altitude, within the snow area, where assault jackets serve as a “shelter”, resisting the icy wind and snow. Choosing models of assault jackets with a membrane you will significantly expand the range of your comfort when using them — such jackets do not allow the rain to wet you much longer and significantly better remove sweat when you are hot.

A down jacket. For different complexity and different time of year, you need to use different down jacket. If you are going to the “summer” “trip” in the Caucasus-it is enough to have a light down vest or a very thin down jacket with a small content of down, the so-called “down jumper”, which you will wear in case of unpleasant, cold wind under the assault jacket and you will be quite comfortable. For summer mountain hikes, a specialized mountaineering down jacket with the quality of down 500 - 600 is enough; even jackets with artificial insulation are suitable. Starting with the “C-level” you will definitely need a full-size down jacket with a hood and other technical details. For winter “feats” or for hikes in the zone above 4000 m., it is definitely necessary to use natural down, with a quality not lower than 800, it is necessary to choose the warmest and technologically advanced models with triple windproof straps, “snow” skirts. Just choose a down jacket for your needs; you will be helped by sellers at the store.