Winter men's clothing for outdoor activities

Hiking is the most popular pastime among fans of recreation with family members participating, group conquests of new lands, mountain peaks, unexplored forest trails. In addition to food supplies in such a journey, the right clothes for the campaign are of importance. Winter men's clothing for outdoor activities is not fundamentally different from women's. It is important to follow the general rules so that your active rest would be comfortable.

The choice of clothes depends on the time of year in which the journey will take place.

The forest thicket abounds with thorny bushes, impenetrable thickets of small trees, so clothing for hiking in the forest should be chosen carefully. A jacket and knickers made of light sliding fabric protect against all these challenges. The thickness and strength of things must be high; clothes should be easy to dry with being “breathable” inside.

In a cold autumn night you will warm with your thermal underwear, it will be appropriate also with coming of a sudden cold snap in the afternoon. If it is available, you are permitted not to take a heavy jumper, jackets and vests; it will be enough to have a fleece jacket and camisole to put on over a jumper. Underwear is completely devoid of suture lines, which compares favorably with other types of underwear products. The straps of a heavy backpack can put pressure on the suture lines; result in scratch marks on skin, discomfort, while with thermal underwear it is not a problem.

Only underwear and socks amid a traveler's outfit should not be made of synthetically fabric. And then there are variations. Today, well-known manufacturers are even able to perform a sock on the leg of synthetics so that it can warm the leg while hiking. It is lightweight, comfortable and dries quickly. But the warmth of it is certainly inferior to warm socks made of natural fabrics.

Winter men's clothing for outdoor activities: what should be worn for mountain hiking

Even summer trips to the height make a novice tourist puzzled: what to wear in the mountains? What can we say about the cold season: here the set of things will be more impressive? Clothing should be warm and light, windproof. It is the best solution to wear ski trousers, and under them you should put your thermal underwear on. Nightwear for mountain hikes should be selected depending on the thermal insulation properties, which are endowed with a sleeping bag.

So, the first layer is your thermal underwear, the second is clothes made of fleece, and the third is a membrane jacket that now popular among tourists and athletes, which allows you to keep warm, but avoid the greenhouse effect. It is important to remember that the presence of a down jacket (filler-down) is an important condition for conducting winter hiking. In the evening, when a place for the night is selected, the air temperature decreases, and the tourist stops moving so actively as they did in the afternoon.

What else should be put on when setting off for hiking in winter? Mittens are necessary, in which the fingers will warm up sooner than in gloves. You need two hats, as the hair gets wet from the stress and transmit moisture to the headdress. Once a day it needs to be changed, so as not to supercool your head. You can get a special sports hat-a helmet made of wool or fleece. On a warm day bandana or headscarf will be appropriate. They will cope with the isolation of the ears from the gusts of air.

Shoes for winter hiking should be chosen those dedicated with a membrane Gore-tex which will be able to protect you against moisture and keep your feet warm. For you to cover your buts you can buy shoe covers (or shoe wrappers), which are made of waterproof fabric, and they are worn over shoes to prevent boots from getting wet.