Winter clothes for men for outdoor activities

Clothing for outdoor activities has much higher requirements than for everyday clothing: it should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also as practical as possible, protecting its owner in the "field" conditions. The durability and functionality of the model depend not only on operating conditions, but, above all, on the quality of tailoring and fabric. Winter clothes for men for outdoor activities and the basic principles of choosing suck clothing.

Winter clothes for men for outdoor activities: the three layers concept

Wherever you head, whether to the forest for the weekend, or to a serious hike in the mountains, the rules for selecting equipping will be the same. To protect you against wind, cold and rainfall, it is recommended that the principle of three-layer clothing is observed:

1             First layer - base: thermal underwear, T-shirts with long / short sleeves;

2             The second layer - warming: fleece jumpers, warm sweatpants, lightweight quilted jackets;

3             The third layer is protective one: windproof and moisture resistant jackets and trousers.

Clothing for outdoor activities should perform several functions at once:

  • Removal of moisture from the body
  • Unconstraint of movement
  • Protection against wind and moisture
  • Thermoregulation and low temperature protection

How to choose thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is the base layer of three-layer clothing that is worn directly on the body. It can be  of three kinds:

1             Warming - used in cold weather, under light loads, and also while sleeping on  a hike.

2             Moisture removing - used during active physical exertion.

3             Combined models - “two in one”, which simultaneously heat and remove moisture, this is the most expensive option.

When choosing, it is worthwhile deciding first of all what purposes thermal underwear will be required for. Walking with a child, fishing or arranging picnics do not imply heavy loads - for these purposes, models with insulation are optimal. For sports in the open air, you should choose only synthetic underwear that removes moisture, or combined models.

How to choose the size and model of thermal underwear

There are various models for men, women and children, and they should be chosen by:

1             Appointment: insulating or for active sports.

2             Temperature: is marked on the label, as a rule, and always indicates the temperature range for which the kit is designed.

3             By its convenience.

The underwear is very elastic and should fit the body like a second skin: therefore, in case of doubt in size, it is better to give preference to less one. The length of the trousers and sleeves should be sufficient to cover the ankles and wrists.

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