What to look for when choosing a hammock

Even if you are a thrill-seeker and used to survive in extreme conditions you should think about comfort for you and your folks. Now we want to offer you the portable hammock from the NISUS trademark.
So let’s talk about safety. The NISUS hammock is made of supertough nylon fiber. Due to this material, the hammock is strong but lightweight. The breathable and quick-drying fabric is excellent for a multiple-day trip. The fabric is washable and dries quickly, so don’t worry if the weather is nasty, and it gets wet. 

The accessories included in the kit make the hammock durable and reliable: the hammock comes with strengthened straps and steel antislip coating carabiner. Neither insects nor snakes will find a way into your night's lodging or resting place because your hammock hangs 20 inches above the land and 69 inches from the trees on both sides.

The external view of the hammock is also very pleasant. A soft fabric, bright color, sewed-in pocket which you can use to put a tablet computer, beer, or something else. The sewing pattern of the hammock fits all types of shapes. The maximum loading of the NISUS hammock is 440 lb. 
Anyone will be comfortable lying in this hammock! We recommended the NISUS hammock for all outdoor activities: camping, beach recreation, hunting, fishing, and more.