What clothes do you need while hiking

There are three main elements of equipment that provide comfort and safety in the campaign. These are shoes, a backpack and a sleeping bag. Moreover, they should be exactly in that order. What clothes are needed while you are hiking, we will understand further? All these points are important to consider when preparing for a camping trip, because proper preparation will allow you to relax really well and have fun. Remember the general rules for camping.

If you have bad shoes, it will strain you from 5 to 12 hours a day. The backpack is the same. Sleeping bag will do the same the whole remaining time. Therefore, when buying the first equipping, you first need to choose shoes, a backpack and a sleeping bag, and everything else, depending on the budget, you can buy in the second place, borrow from friends or rent.

Clothes for hiking in summer: shoes and supplies

So, we decided what to buy first. The requirements for all these items of equipping are the same. Boots, a backpack and a sleeping bag should be:

  • suitable for you personally and the conditions of the trip;
  • as lightness as possible when meeting the first two points;

General rules on choosing equipping

There are several rules that I have developed when working with children. They work with adults a little worse, because adults do not always believe that in the summer in the Caucasus, in addition to a swimsuit, you need to take a down jacket. Nevertheless, these are rules.

Here is what the “extra” equipment choice gives:

  • Increases “passive” safety. We do not get cold, do not twist the ankle, we have an extra backpack volume.
  • Compensates for lack of experience. An experienced tourist knows what to do if he is cold at night: he pulled a backpack over the sleeping bag, wrapped himself in a jacket, unfastened the inside of the tent so that it would not stick to the tent, and many more tricks. And if we don’t know anything, then the equipment compensates for this a bit - for example, in a warmer sleeping bag there is less chance of getting cold.
  • Reduces managerial dependence. If a participant without experience and equipment on it is not clear what, he is forced to constantly seek help from the leader or other participants, and this is not very pleasant.
  • Allows you to use the same equipping in more severe conditions. For example, I bought a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of + 5 ° C, which means that I can only go to the mountains with him in the summer. For autumn, you have to buy another one. And he could immediately buy at -1 ° C and go with him in the summer and autumn.