To buy goods for a walking tour

To buy goods for a walking tour

A walking tour, fishing, hunting, floating on canoes are the embodiment of our desire to be closer with nature, and it becomes especially strong in summer. And each tourist has own secrets and own kit of necessary devices and accessories that are needed in walking tour, but you should check your list: maybe, there is something in it, you have missed. And you can buy goods for a walking tour in our online store.

A firesteel to get yourself warm and prepare your dinner

That is a special marching gadget that unlike matches will not become wet and grow damp. There exist several variants with different operating principles: “endless matches”, which require fuel with any combustion substance while they are equipped with a stem needed to be struck sharply against the magnesian stripe or on the cylinder on its body frame. There exist fire strikers-anvils, in which silicic or magnesia stems are used: to strike a spark you need any metallic item, for example, a knife, but in the most cases it is also included in the kit.

Inflatable flashlight working on sunny small batteries

A LED lamp instead of having a glass tube, uses an inflatable transparent one, due to which it can be folded into an accordion-pleat style while taking a little of space. When it in the inflated condition, the flashlight has cylindrical form, which is, besides, impermeable to water, so the lamp doesn't afraid of wet and it can be used not only in the tent but when you are outside. The lithium-ion polymer battery provides the working condition of your flashlight during several hours.

To buy goods for your walking tour: what will be in handy on the way

Compass, so that there will be no need to search for the North direction accordingly to moss on trees

It would be great if the compass was combined with a firesteel or flashlight, but it is much better to have a small compass with you with a swiveling hook, which you can wear on your belt. It is of importance that the body frame of the device was waterproofing.

A filter, so that to drink water from water bodies

Now special membrane marching filters are quite common, they are able to sustain mechanical and microbiological contaminations through the use of a special membrane, as well as filters blocking mechanical contaminations and decontaminating water by chemical means.

A charger so that the communication would not fail

Our life is almost entirely in our mobile phone: it provides us with connection with the world, it serves as a GPS, and it has lots of useful applications. It will be entirely useless if you don't take another the most necessary gadget in your journey, and that is — a mobile battery (it would be better to take several of them). Naturally, it should be charged previously and equipped with proper cables.

Besides that, different smart accessories are able to support the “life” of your mobile phones and tablets for a much longer time: there exist batteries with mechanical handle for charging-up, but they require physical efforts to be made by its user and will be in handy only for extreme circumstances.
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