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Hunting a duck in autumn is a long-expected event for many hunters. During the summer ducks put on weight solidly, and the young generation began to fly. At this time, it is of importance for hunter not to miss his chance, as lost time turns out in poor capture. We have prepared 7 pieces of advice for you that will help you to get ready. Site intended for goods for hunting and fishing will help you to choose equipping properly.

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Tip № 1: Choose the place and time rightly.

Immediately after the season is opened and in early autumn, ducks prefer small calm water bodies surrounded by thick vegetation. If you are hunting using a method of approach, you should pay your attention to entirely small puddles of water overgrown and inhabited by frogs: although you may think that nobody being in common sense will locate in such marsh, ducks consider otherwise. Don't be eager to attend large water bodies without a boat, although there are much more birds there, the birds are far away from the boundaries of a shoot's lethal range, while a large open distance creates the illusion that the birds can be touched by the hand.

Tip № 2: Choose the right shotgun

For preying on ducks any shotgun will come in handy, but some models are suitable for such targets much better than others. We will go through all necessary specifications that the gun for duck hunting should posses with:

  • Barrel length.
  • “Sharpness “of the action.
  • The caliber of the gun.

Tip №3: Choosing  invectors

Choosing proper invectors is almost half of the whole issue. In the case of both walking hunting and shooting from the hide, the distance to a duck varies from 20 to 40 meters. For novice hunters, a good solution will be invectors of 0.5 while using ammunition of container-type for a shogun of the length of 710 mm, and the invectors should be of 0.75 for ammunition of non-container-type.

Tip №4: Choose ammunition rounds

The issue of choosing ammunition is a physics question. Smaller hunting pellets fly with large speed and have better penetrating performance, but they singularly quickly lost their speed due to the friction against the air. Heavy pellets fly less quickly, keep their power across larger distances, but the shot stream can accommodate less number of them.

Tip №5: Learn shooting.

A separate theme to argue about is choosing proper predicting. How to choose, how to reduce, at what moment the trigger should be pressed are the questions that we can give an unambiguous answer for. It is training. No one guide on shooting, no one the most experienced hunter, even a hundred of experts can shoot instead of you. The more you practice, the more output you can obtain while hunting.

Tip №6: Choosing the right costume.

Tip №7: Choosing the right decoys.