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Mountain hiking is an amazing experience. To get to the end of your route, you should be strong, and, the most importance, you must bring all that is necessary with you. Site of goods for recreation activities provides you with many of things needed to be purchased.

Even climbing onto not the highest and complex mountain, you should follow all safety rules. If you execute your hiking with a coach or guide, he will tell you all and warn about all potential risks. But if this hiking is unassisted, you need to prepare duly to it.

The list of things should be taken with you depends on the complexity of a mountain, and, sure, on season. It is reasonably, that if the hiking occurs in winter, then you should bring with you warm clothes as much as possible. If it happens in summer, the list of things will be shorter, but, anyway, you should be aware what is to be brought with you. In mountain, you should be ready that anything may happen, that is a difficult and dangerous kind of sports. But only having got to the top of a mountain, you gain understanding that it was worth doing that.

Site: Goods for recreation activities: what should be brought with you while going to mountains in summer?

  1. Shoes. It is obligatory that the outsole be not sliding. The way toward the mountain top is very difficult, and on complex tracts it is easy to slip down. You should wear shoes of high quality so that you would avoid that. The boots for tourism and military boots will be suitable.
  2. A backpack with a tent and a sleeping bag. When you are going hiking to the mountains, you should take the largest backpack you have. It should accommodate all needed. If the hiking is expected to last several days, it is worth with to reflect upon overnight accommodation. For this purpose you should prepare a tent and a sleeping bag.
  3. A raincoat and a windbreaker. Changes of the weather in mountains are a normal phenomena. Therefore, it can be cold first time, then it is hot, and then thunder-storm may happen. So, it is the better solution to bring warmer clothes with you: a warm jumper, a raincoat, a pea coat.
  4. An obligatory point is a medicine box. It should contain the drugs for pressure, anaesthetics, bandages, hyperoxide, emplastrum, brilliant green, absorbent carbon, and, sure, sunburn cream. In summer during a daytime the air temperature on the top can be very high, and it is easy for you to become sunburnt.
  5. A headwear is needed due to the blazing sun. To rise on the top without problem and not having fallen because of sunstroke, it is obligatory for you to make provision for any hat, cap, or bandanna.
  6. A towel. A small towel and napkins are most likely to be in handy on hiking.
  7. Kitchenware and food. You should calculate the supply of food while you are on your journey. It is of no need to bring as much as possible with you, as it will only make your hiking more difficult.