Shoes, and clothes for hiking

There always exist only two main requirements to shoes for hiking. Footwear should be comfortable and meet the conditions existing in a place where you are going hiking. The best shoes ate not the most expensive ones sold at the store and not those your friend is in awe of, but those that suit comfortably when put on your foot and allow you to comfortably pass a particular hike. According to these principles, we will choose. Shoes, clothes for hiking should be chosen wisely.

Choosing shoes according to a hike conditions, clothes for hiking

First, shoes should be designed for hiking. Boots for walking alone a city, running shoes, army boots are a bad solution. Hiking shoes are designed to provide comfort and safety on specific terrain, which is not in the city: to protect the foot against tucking, hitting rocks, getting wet and so on.

Secondly, the shoes must meet the conditions of a particular hike. Therefore, the first thing to do before choosing shoes is for you to find out the conditions of the journey on foot.

Beginners should take shoes “in reserves” — not in size, but in characteristics. Due to lack of experience and poor preparation of the muscles for mountain terrain, the legs require better protection. That is, where it is enough for an experienced tourist to have a pair of trainers, a novice is better to take boots with him. Where it is enough for an experienced tourist to have a pair of light boots, a beginner should walk wearing stiffer ones. In addition, if you are going to continue to go hiking further, it is worth thinking in advance that these same shoes will serve you during your future travels. But extremes should be avoided. Beginners often choose for the first hike the heaviest mountain boots. And if it is not a hike of the fourth category of complexity, where such shoes are really needed, you will fill hard and uncomfortable wearing them.

Trying on different shoes

Take out a time and try on everything that will be offered at the store and which corresponds to the condition of the hike. Shoes can be with a wide and narrow shoe-tree, suitable for high instep or low instep of the leg-each manufacturer has its own characteristics, and it should to be understood while in the store. Walk around the store wearing your new shoes-shoes should not “pressure a little” and be “a little uncomfortable” — in the campaign it will result in a complete hard-core. Do not count on the fact that the shoes will become comfortable— modern shoes either suit to the leg immediately, or do not suit at all.

Taking a spare pair of shoes for hiking

It can be light trainers or sandals, and even rubber flip-flops. Spare shoes are needed primarily for the camp-on arriving, you take off your shoes and give your feet a rest. It is possible to cross shallows of the river wearing them, so as not to wet the main pair of shoes, or you can walk around the city after hiking with them put on. Spare shoes are needed in case something happens to the shoes — for example, you accidentally burn them through by the campfire while you are drying them, this can also happen. With trainers or sandals put on, you will at least be able to walk somewhere.