Selling goods for hunting and fishing

Underwater equipping must meet all safety and reliance criteria, so own equipment is essential component of your hobby if you are going to dive regularly. An equipment package of an underwater hunter includes:

  • mask;
  • tube;
  • flippers;
  • wetsuit;
  • socks and gloves;
  • gun;
  • knife;
  • lamp.

Selling goods for hunting and fishing: kinds of equipping


A mask of an underwater hunter should involve lots of necessary qualities: to be soft and comfortable when put on a face; allow the greatest visibility and minimal under-mask area. Material of the mask seal,  as general, made of  silicone, it can be the color of black or silvery. The main thing, that the material would not be limpid, as mask glass can be easily highlighted by sunny rays through transparent silicone (mirror effect), and visibility through glass dramatically declines, especially on the background of the dark bottom. That is a non-essential issue for a scuba diver, but it hinders a hunter, especially in the dark and troubled water of fresh water sources.


If sometimes we can venture not to see something, but we should breathe regularly. The most common position of a human being in the water is to lay on the surface with his face down. In that way, a diver can relax as much as possible, dive without making noise and abrupt movements, place the fish onto fish string, load his gun and view the bottom if it was not seen from the surface.

A tube for different hunting conditions should also be different. So, for hunting in the depth water, any kind of tubes can be suitable, in general. You may prefer some tubes samples with a bottom valve and a top cap. For hunting in highly overgrown water and shallow sources, it is preferable to use a tube without any valves.


While choosing flippers, you should clearly imagine the conditions you are going to hunt in. Most divers, of course, prefer long flippers. They allow saving energies, develop higher speed with the same energy usage that is spent if you wear short scuba-diver flippers.


The main task of a wetsuit is retaining warmth: for you can feel cold even while being in the water with a temperature of 30°С after swimming for several hours. A wetsuit should fit you by its size. If it is too big, you will feel cold; but if the suit is too tight, you will not be able to breathe normally, become tired quickly and tear it soon. A wetsuit should sit like a second skin, fit closely and softly the whole body.

Selling goods for hunting and fishing