Producers of goods for outdoor activities

Traditionally, when the good warm weather comes, city people arrange picnics outdoors, leave for the forest, to a summer house, or in the country. We are telling you how to make your recreation outdoor safety and what should be brought necessarily with you. Producers of goods for outdoor activities offer a wide range of different things that are sure to be in handy and simplify your being in the outdoors.

You should think ahead of the dishes for your picnic. Snacks made of vegetables, meals cooked on outdoor grill and skewers. Nature isn't the place for short-lived commodities. To avoid intoxication it is better to transport food in a cool box, so that you could provide storage temperature requirements set by the producer. It isn't worthwhile washing food products in water bodies. Such water can be utilized after boiling. While cooking meals (especially meat, or fish), sufficient thermal processing should be provided.

You should obligingly provide yourself with drink bottled water. You can use mineral water, as alkali that presents in its composition normalize acidic balance in your stomach and makes it easy to stomach meat that is hard to digest. Also, you can bring with you fruit-drinks, juices, and cold tea with some lemon for a picnic.

It is not recommended to abuse alcohol. Alcoholic drink rise risk for hypertension, breast pang, and the whole body intoxication.

Producers of goods for outdoor activities: what else should be brought with you?

It is of importance to prepare inventory without which your quality resting isn't possible. Compile a list of all needed and work out each point to the last details; so that when you find yourself outdoor you would not clutch your head due to something important being not appeared at hand. A minimal set of a tourist is a tent, sleeping bag, cooking pot, flashlight, salt, matches. It is better to take a tripod for the cooking pot, so that you will not have to search for expedient means in the forest.

Also, you should not forget insect repellent against mosquitoes, black flies, and acarids. When it is summer or spring, you can easily to get sunburn. Don't forget to bring sunscreens with you as well as sunglasses. Prepare first-aid outfits (alcohol, cotton wool, bandage, adhesive bandage, hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green) — while in the park or forest, you can easily injure yourself.

You should attentively treat the environment, so you must prepare rubbish bags ahead, so you can carry them out later and leave in a proper place. It should be thought ahead about what you will be engaged in while outdoors. You can grab a ball, badminton equipment, a guitar, or fishing tackles.