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Autumn contributes to a variety of kinds of hunting. In this time of the year, most birds, on which hunting is allowed, begin outward migration. Online store of goods for tourism, hunting, and fishing offers a wide assortment of useful things with which your recreation activity will be more comfortable.

At the end of autumn, hunters meet those kinds of birds that can't be met in their hunting lands at all other times of the year, as such birds' habitat is long away from hunters' houses at distances of thousands of kilometres.

Besides that fact, in some regions hunting a hare begins, and it has a huge number of fans. Millions of hunters set off for hunting lands so that to rise big-eared hares from their lairs.

For race dogs' owners, autumn is a double celebration, as they bring with them whippets when going hunting, while such dogs please the hunters' hearing and provide sensational help in autumn hunting.

Having gathered in huge flocks, geese navigate over new territories where they are preyed on, with truly hunting opening in autumn, but not every hunter succeeds in obtaining them.

No autumn is complete without preying on a wild boar. Battue that targeted this large beast is arranged with dozens of people's participating. Such events impress deeply not only ordinary people but also hunters who have been in such hunting many times.

Online store of goods for tourism, hunting, fishing: why autumn hunting is so attractive?

The main magnetism of hunting in autumn resides in its breadth that doesn't exist in other times of the year. You can go preying on a goose, but you may happen to shoot a hare. Such a possibility arises only in autumn.

The main hunting during this time is anyway associated with migrating birds, which appear in huge number. Hunters apply different hunting methods so that to obtain an exotic bird.

Preying on ducks in autumn is considered to be the most popular by its nature. The flacks of ducks consisting of dozens of individuals fill local water bodies. In most cases, it is impossible to reach such ducks while they are in the water using simple means, as their caution is always on a high note.

Hunters start using decoys and callers so that they can approach closer to the flack of birds. As a rule, before early morning comes, they execute distribution of decoys in the water at a number of at least 20-25 items.

With the first sun rays, the sound of a caller is heard amid morning calmness. In this way, migrating ducks are attracted to the places where decoys having been distributed.

Preying on the goose in autumns differs slightly from hunting for ducks, as geese usually obtained in fields with forage where hides are made with distributing decoys on the fields and using callers.

Geese have a particular daily routine. When they fly in the fields to feed themselves, hunters have already been waiting for them being on a “hair-trigger alert” to make a shoot.