Online-store for resting: fishing in the sea

Online-store for resting: fishing in the sea

Choosing tackles for sea fishing is the most responsible occupation for you before departing to catch fish on the sea from the shore or boat. The result of the whole process depends on how properly the inventory will be selected. The assortment of sea tackles is divided into two groups: those for the shore and the vessel. Regardless what methods will be chosen for fishing, all fishing rods, hooks, wobblers and other equipment should sustain saltwater.

Fishing rod butts

First, a fishing rod should be strength, must sustain long-distance castings and large trophy. If you are a novice in such a kind of fishing, you should start with training for a while with a usual float fishing rod. But there are particular rules even on choosing it: the hardness of construction, and tackles, the strength of hooks and the thickness fishing line.


A reel is a significant component of sea fishing. There are three kinds of it: center-pin reel, fixed-spool reel and multiplier reels. Knowing the characteristics of each of these kinds, you can choose the right one.

Braids and fishing lines

The special requirements are argued for a fishing line. It should be attrition-resisting as high as possible when contacting with stones, sea walls, shells and others. There are lots of variants of sinews with several layers on sale. The more their number is the more the quality and reliability of the fishing line will be. It is ideal if the fishing line for sea fishing is with a diameter of from 0.5 to 0.9 mm, and it should sustain the weight that is no less than 50 kg. Fishing lines made of nylon, synthetic (dacron) braids and cords are popular with fishermen.

Online-store for goods for resting: fishing and lures for it


Remember, that properly chosen lure is of no less importance than the tackle and fishing line. Whether fishing is successful or not will depend on that. You should be oriented on the kinds of fish inhabiting in the spot of fishing and on the method of catching fish.

Baits and feeding for sea fishing

Choosing baits for fishing on the sea operates according to the principle: the larger the bait is the larger fish will be sure to bite. Most sea individuals are guided by their olfaction when biting. Therefore, if the bite is absent for a long time, it should be better for you to change the bait for a new one, as your old bait may become flavorless. Fix the bait on the hook qualitatively. In that way, the naturally effect is reached.

The rules on hooking and playing

Hooking (or striking) is performed the moment when the fish is swallowing the bait. While hooking, you are pinning the fish on the hook and fishing it from the water. The method of performing hooking depends on the kind of bait: whether it is natural or synthetic one.

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