Hypermarkets selling goods for resting

Hypermarkets selling goods for resting: what is needed for a journey on foot

Hypermarkets selling goods for resting, such as our store is, allow choosing a tent from a large assortment. Traditionally camping tents are produced for one, two of four persons. It often happens that to understand the capacity of a peculiar model it will be enough to loot at its name, in which a manufacturer uses numerical designation. In our days the most popular tents are 2-local tents, as there is enough space for two persons in them, while their weight is comparably low for marching even by oneself.

Before purchasing, you are most likely to have decided how many persons will host in your transportable house. Pointing the number of places, a manufacturer, as usual, judges from minimal comfort, and he believes that it will be to have enough place with the width of 60 сm for one person, and it can be even less. By the by, the width of “standard” camping foam pad exactly ranges something close to 60 sm. More modern inflatable and semi-inflatable ground pads have dimensions that can strongly range and be of both smaller and larger size. Take this factor into account, if you are planning to be housed compactly in a multi-seat tent.

Hypermarkets selling goods for resting: choosing tents

Conventional width of a single bed is 80 sm. You can locate on the bed with as much comfort as you please. Accordingly, when estimating a place intended to a person in your tent as being of 70-80 sm, you don't restrain yourself in any way.

The standard for most camping tents is the width of 60 сm per person, which allows being accommodated quite comfortably for a tourist of medium build.

In multi-seat tents, each occupant can obtain a place that slightly less than 60 сm, especially if you will have to accommodate some equipment inside. The width of 50 сm is a sufficient distance for sleeping on your back stretching yourself if you are a person of the slim or middle build.

If upon estimating, you obtain only 45 сm per person in your camping tent — you should prepare to sleep in a constraint environment.

And don't forget of such a parameter as the length of a tent, especially if your height is above 190 sm. This is because you need to account for space for your pillow or some things.

But all these, sure, are abstract issues. We all differ from one another, and our demands are also different. The issue of the greatest importance is to sort out priorities — usually, you have to choose between the weight of a tent and comfortable living in it.

If you are a person of middle build or you are travelling with your girlfriend, for you to have 2-local or even 1.5-local tent will be quite enough.

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