Hypermarkets of goods for leisure activity

Hypermarkets of goods for leisure activity: choosing a knife for hiking

The main tool while camping is a knife. A good and quality knife will always come to the help of you in difficult circumstances, while a bad one, on the contrary, will cause plenty of problems. The opinion widespread is that the best knife is that you already have and that having mastered corresponding skills you are able to do lots of things with any knife. In the same circumstances a knife can be quite in handy to a person who has mastered particular skills in operating with a knife, but it may prove to be of no use for another person possessed entirely different skills. However, the best knives have unique specifications that other models of camping knives don't possess, and it is difficult for you to dispense with them. Hypermarkets of goods for leisure activity suggest a wide assortment of knife for your choice

This short guide is aimed to help those choosing a knife for hiking. You are not obliged to follow all recommendations, as the right choice of a camping knife depends, first and foremost, on your personal preferences and the conditions while hiking. But I will be glad to tell you about the main properties that a good camping knife should possess. Also, you can read our overview the best knives that correspond to our recommendations on choosing a good knife for hiking.

Hypermarkets of goods for leisure activity: rules for choosing a knife

The first thing should be said from the very beginning is that you should never become tempted when see knives on TV, for example, while watching films about Rambo. They are almost always the most impractical knives you could buy. Due to their huge dimensions they are not adapted for delicate workmanship, but they are also not suitable for work with more large items.

For your daily routine it would be enough for you to have a small collapsible portable knife, whether it has a lock or not, depending on tasks it is intended to. Sure, on the one hand, a folding knife is better choice as it is more convenience to carry in your pocket. But on the other hand, it is easier to break down such a knife then one with the blade hardly fixed, as the handle and blade of a folding knife represent two separate components, connecting together by means of a hinge.

Collapsible knives for tourism are, as usual, equipped with shorter or thinner blades, and due to this fact the range of their applying is limited. Apart from that, they are not strength enough, as a small folding knife is unlikely to serve for a long time, if you want to cut or chop up some branch for your fire with this knife fire or crush up something on a stone with its handle. One more advantage that may be pertained to non-folding knife is a head on the end of its handle; you may place your knife in standing position on it. For this reason, it is better for you to buy non-folding knife for hiking along sparsely populated area.

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