How to Choose the Ware for Your Outdoor Activities

How to Choose the Ware for Your Outdoor Activities

The camping season is coming, and each tourist has his representation of how his outdoor kitchen should look like. Thankfully, the choice of kitchenware is so vast that one can easily get lost and forget what he needs and in what style.

Here we are with some tips for you to make your outdoor picnic even more pleasant.

If you get long-distance hiking, you should think of having something hot to eat and drink. Some tourists like not just taking food from home, but open-air cooking, which creates such a cozy atmosphere. Here just a lunchbox won’t be enough; moreover, it can’t save your snacks hot as they were supposed to be.

Experienced tourists might have their own sets as they already know what they would need. But what if it’s your first hike? Should you choose a set of ware or choose an item per item yourself? 

A set of ware can be useful as it is usually designed so as items fit in one another, like a stacking doll, to let you pack tightly and have more space in your backpack.

So, what are the main factors while choosing outdoor ware?

Firstly, the number of people you’re getting on camping with. Logically, the more people there would be, the more ware you’ll need.

If you’re planning to cook in a bowl, it’s relatively easy to decide how big it should be - 500 ml on each person. 

Secondly, think about the ware material. If you are not planning a special eco-party with wooden ware, an aluminum bowl will perfectly do. Aluminum ware is also lightweight so that you won’t get in trouble carrying all the things with, and you could walk more distance without losing more energy. 

Aluminum ware might not seem very durable, but the ware is now made from anodized aluminum, which doesn’t interfere with food. The only danger for such ware is when you try to scratch the burnt food out with steel cutlery.

Some other things to keep in my mind that might no be evident:

  • if you’re not planning to have a table, you’ll need to hold your jug or plate in your hands, so pay attention to those which are heat-resistant or have a heat-resistant handle;
  • you can use a lid as a frying pan! that would cost you less time than using a real frying pan;
  • choosing between a vacuum insulated mug and a good vacuum bottle, choose the last one; it will guarantee to have hot beverages. Looking for a nice thermos bottle, pay attention to a few specifics - leak resistance and temperature keeping time. All the other features like its insulation type, size, color, brand, or price as absolutely up to you to choose between.

    Keep those tips in mind, and enjoy your outdoor meal! By the way, do you also think that food always becomes tastier outdoors?

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