How to Choose an Ice Auger

How to Choose an Ice Auger

As the cold weather approaches, many anglers come to frozen lakes and rivers to drill their way through to catch fish. Those who are fond of ice fishing need to invest in a high-quality hand auger. 

Nowadays ice augers come in every shape, style, and size imaginable. The wide range of variants can lead to some confusion for those who are new to the sport.

This article will help you figure out your needs. We will go over all the factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a hand auger from Nisus.Tornado Ice AugerWEIGHT

With no doubt, ice fishing requires anglers to move around. Therefore, it is obvious that they have to carry the hand auger with them. When choosing a hand auger, you should think about its weight. A hand auger should not be so heavy that it weighs the fisher down. Make sure you select a hand auger that is lightweight and portable. Buran, Iceberg, Classic, and Tornado ice augers are specially designed for anglers who have to travel around. These augers from Nisus not only weigh less but they are extremely easy to carry around. DEPTH AND CIRCUMFERENCE

The depth is an important factor which is related to the thickness of the frozen layer. If the layer is too thick, the auger should be able to drill a deeper hole. Iceberg Siberia ice augers can drill through 63” thick ice, so in extremely cold regions these models are a must-have. In case of thinner ice, the depth of the hole would be less and the auger should be selected accordingly. For thin ice, Iceberg Mini or Classic ice augers will be a perfect option. What is more, NISUS offers blades for Tornado and iceberg augers with sizes ranging from four inches to seven inches. The blade size determines the diameter of the hole that will be drilled in the ice. If you are fishing for fish that are smaller in size, a hole with a small circumference would suffice. Usually, an auger with a blade size of five inches or six inches is enough. Buran Ice AugersHEIGHT

The right height depends on the height of the angler as well as the intended depth of the hole that will be drilled. Due to the adjustable height, the Tornado, Buran, and Iceberg augers can be used by many people. That means that you can dig holes of various depths with the augers from NISUS. Therefore, no matter whether the ice on the surface is thin or thick, you can easily choose an auger and drill the hole as needed. Iceberg Ice Auger

Deciding on the right kind of auger will make your fishing much more enjoyable. Don't be in a rush to buy a hand ice auger.  Be free to visit our shop and choose the auger that meets your needs, by clicking the link here.

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