Brands of hiking clothes

How to choose the best trousers for tourism or travel? What are the differences between them and how to choose the right one? In our brief overview of trousers for tourism and travel, we will answer these and other basic questions.

First, ask yourself the question: “Under what conditions will I use it?” Try to avoid universality: trousers suitable for the city and the mountains have average characteristics. And based on where you go and what time of year, look for the most appropriate model.

What should be paid attention to while choosing trousers 

The main characteristics of tourist trousers, which are worth paying attention to:

They should be made from special quick-drying or membrane materials. Hiking trousers should dry quickly; this is a great advantage over regular trousers if you are caught in the rain. Modern materials dry out within 5-10 minutes from body heat even in high humidity. Almost every company produces its own quick-drying materials. Membrane materials protect against moisture, wind, and, at the same time, have good vapor permeability, which allows the body to breathe.

The trousers for tourism should be comfortable. Details such as ergonomically tailored knees, different width and length of trousers, and additional inserts provide maximum comfort.

Weight and volume are important factors. Modern models are made from lightweight materials and do not occupy much space in the backpack.

Pockets make life easier since all the necessary little things are at hand. It is better if pockets have zippers so that the contents are not lost.