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A guide will explain all novice fishermen how to choose a float to catch porgy fish properly, why sensibility plays an essential role when catching this fish and what exactly influence the sensibility of a float. Goods for tourism and recreation activities by wholesale can be bought through Internet.

What should a float to catch porgy fish be?

It should be sensitive, the weakest touch of fish must make the float signal, with its tip should either sink or rise (if porgy fish lifts the bait and lead weights above the bottom).

Here are the factors a float sensibility depends on:

  • Lifting capability of a float (the less lifting capability the more sensitive a float, but you shouldn't also forget about one thing: too lightweight floats are difficult to throw at distance needed, and catching fish at water depths is also a complex task, as balancer is needed);
  • A float tip's sectional area (the thinner the tip — the more sensitive the float);
  • The main float's body sectional area (the thinner the body of a float — the better sensibility).

Giving a summary of stated above, a float for catching porgy fish should be:

  • of a shape outstretched vertically, and should not be dolioform;
  • with thin tip;
  • should be not very massive.


Goods for tourism, and recreation activities by wholesale: a brief overview of floats for catching porgy fish


A goose quil corresponds to any of these points. It is not in vain that a goose quil is believed to be truly “porgy's” and it is used actively by novice fishermen up to now, while before it served as a float on fishing for our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers.

But now you are quite likely not to find a goose quil, and it isn't necessary, as you can buy a very good float for catching porgy fish in any shop for fishing. The main issue is for you to know its shape, while further we will talk about the method of catching porgy fish using a float and how to set up depth properly so that the sensibility of a float would be as high as possible.

While trying the bait and sinking the float, porgy fish feels that resistance exists. That fact will make the fish alarmed, and it can spit out the bait before you perform hooking. Due to this thin tip of a float for catching porgy fish is a core parameter.

The best floats for catching porgy fish possess the following specifications: the weight of a float, being more precise, its lifting capability depends on of fishing conditions. The color of a float is of not any significance. The length of the tip should be at least 3 cm, so that you would be able to differentiate well partly dipping and full dipping of the float for you to make hooking when clear biting appears.