Goods for summer and for recreational activity

Summer is the best time to rest outdoor. Being influenced by sunny rays and warmth in summer, most people feel the rush of good mood. The time has come to get away from a stuffy town toward the nature, where birds are singing ringing and the sun is shining brightly. Whether you place yourself among those who belong to a category of avid indoorsmen not knowing where to come away and what to do? Our ideas on summer active rest will help you rest perfectly and receive new bright impressions. And for you to buy goods for summer and recreational activity can be offered in our online store.


Kayaking is an ideal kind of outdoor activities for fans of the nature and water kinds of sports. Kayak or canoe is most often used for travelling along lowland rivers and lakes or for swimming down the rampant mountain streams.


Whether you always wished to know what feel are experienced by a squirrel revolving within a wheel without stopping? Zorbing will help you in receiving an answer to this question and joining in extreme kinds of sports. You are in prospect to get inside a huge inflated sphere and roll off in it from a hill on the back of picturesque Scottish landscape. After performing head-spinning zorbing it will take you some time for you to recover yourself and gather your power towards new adventures.

Goods for summer and for recreational activity. The kinds of entertainments


If you're not afraid of height, we advise you to set off for islands where you will be able to perform free-fall jump with parachute from the height of 3000 meters (10 000 f). Having jumped from the plane in tandem with a coach you will develop the velocity of up to 209 km/h (130 m/h), and until you parachute opens you will be in free fall for 30 seconds admiring the fantastical views of islands from a bird's perspective. Sky divers will help you to receive adrenalin charge.

Riding on a mountain bike

We invite you to attend enchanting resorts located south westward and undertake an enthralling journey on a bike along mountain mass. You are awaited by more than 320 km of bike routes of different complexity level, fresh air and bright sun. We are confident that you will have a lot of fun.

Riding on a quad bike

Do you want to admire the landscape while flying down the hill on a powerful offroader? So, you should jump onto a quad bike and begin breathtaking descent with sharp scream of tires in hairpin turns, strong sensation is guaranteed to you!